Finger Rosaries

Finger rosaries are also known as rosary rings. It is a one decade rosary. This lets you pray the rosary anywhere! Portable prayer!

Some are meant to wear as jewelry, such as this beautiful gold piece. Others are meant to be used just for prayer.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, Ireland suffered religious persecution. There were severe penalties for practicing Roman Catholics. A small, easily concealed rosary could avoid detection.

While waiting for my fiance to start a 8K race, I spotted a similar rosary ring on another runner. She was gracious enough to let me photograph her ring..and here’s my version of it! Would you like to learn how to make a ring like this for yourself? It’s SO easy! I’ll show you how!

To pray with this type of rosary, position it on the finger, so it can still be rotated. Make the sign of the cross and then pray the Apostle’s Creed on the cross. Position your fingers on the 3rd bead away from the cross. Say a Hail Mary on this bead, then repeat, moving towards the cross. This is how you say the first three Hail Mary prayers that you would ordinarily say on the drop portion of a 5 decade rosary.

At the cross, pray the Glory Be prayer and announce the mystery. Then pray the Our Father prayer. The next 10 beads are the Hail Mary beads. Proceed around the ring until you’ve gone around 5 times. Be sure to pause at the cross for the Glory Be, Fatima prayer (optional) and Our Father Prayer. When you get to the last Glory Be and Fatima prayer, conclude the rosary with the Hail Holy Queen prayer.

What I love about the rosary is that there are so many
different ways to pray it. It
really can fit into any lifestyle.
Other 10-bead configurations include rosary bracelets and some
chaplets. Sometimes it feels like
our lives are so busy. But if we
can only take a few moments to block out some time for prayer, our lives would
be greatly enriched. Praying even
just one decade of the rosary helps establish the meditative prayer habit and
brings us a step closer to our Lord.